Day 89: Recovered

When hunger hunger returns, it’s safe to say I’ve recovered. And for the last two days, I’ve not only had a strong appetite, I’ve been able to eat my trail foods without negative consequences. A chiropractor skillfully unpinched the nerve in my back, and I can now move without fear. This pinched nerve was the most painful experience of my life. Having such pain on the heels of severe diarrhea made the whole experience even worse. Enough of that. I’m ready to return to the trail!

To give myself the best chance of completing the entire PCT, I’m going to resume my hike in a different location than where I got off last week. (Details to come in future posts.) I hope to reach Canada, then complete the High Sierra, then finish the miles I’ll be missing by skipping ahead this weekend. I still have more than half of the PCT ahead of me. More adventures to come!

*I may not have reception for a few weeks after returning to the trail. Thank you all for your patience as I resume my trek, and thank you so much for your well wishes when I was sick. You are an awesome support crew. Thank you!*


7 thoughts on “Day 89: Recovered

  1. You certainly have been challenged recently! So glad your spirit & body are strong and ready to return to the adventures on the PCT; looking forward to hearing about them again.


  2. Wishing you good health, good adventures, fun and safety on this next leg of your adventure. Can’t wait to read more. We’re cheering you on!


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