Update: I’m sick

Over the last few days, my recurring stomach problem has manifested as severe diarrhea. I took four liters of fluid through an IV after a particularly horrible night on the toilet. I’m still waiting for a diagnosis. 

I intend to return to the trail as soon as I’m healthy again. Thank you all for your support.


22 thoughts on “Update: I’m sick

  1. So sorry you’re experiencing a health issue; hope it all gets resolved quickly & you’re back on the trail soon. So glad your parents were there to bring you home, just in time!

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  2. Eowyn, thank goodness you know your limits and you were in civilization when this happened. You are an amazing young woman, we wish you a speedy recovery.
    We are enjoying following you on this incredible journey. Get well soon, hugs Cary(I’m married to one of your mom’s coworkers)

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  3. I have enjoyed your posts and pics. I know you will be in good health soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a quick recovery.

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  4. We’ll, poop! That definitely puts a damper on things. So glad that you paused and are getting the help you need. Hoping that you’re back on the trail soon.


  5. Kelly,
    We have been keeping you in our thoughts. I hope that your body responds to rest and treatment for your ailment. You are an amazing and strong woman. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

    Sue (and Mike)

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  6. Kelly,
    Take care of yourself, get well, and best of luck when you get back on that trail! I’ve been enjoying living vicariously through your posts and photos and am very impressed by your efforts thus far. I’m assuming you’re going to cover the section in CA (Whitney to I-80, right?) after OR and WA? I’m still hoping there might be an opportunity to join you when you do. Speedy recovery and good luck!

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    • Thanks, Corey! Yes, I’m planning to do Whitney to Donner Summit after OR and WA, which should be toward the end of September. Given all of the trail closures in OR right now due to wildfire, much is still uncertain…keep in touch!


  7. I’m so sorry that you are ill and need to leave the trail. Please know that I am thinking of you and hoping for your speedy recovery. I have enjoyed reading your blogs. Both your writing style and photos are really evocative. I hope to see you on the PCT.

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