Days 68-70: Triple zero

I spend three days packing the resupply boxes that will get me to Canada. Packing, and eating. In fact, there’s no time for anything else. I organize and pack and eat. No time to rest.

Apparently it’s not a good idea to let a hungry hiker order food for the second half of her journey. I ordered too much. Way too much: I have four extra cases of potato chips. On the trail, I eat one bag of chips per day. I managed to order four extra cases. How does that even happen? I also ordered a whole extra case of bars, which is crazy given that I’ve already bumped my daily ration from two to a minimum of three bars per day. My boxes are also loaded with (gluten free) cookies, trail mix, and other snack foods, plus vitamins, salt pills, maps, and other essentials. 

Finally, finally I should have enough food. 

I hope. 


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