Day 59: Home

0 miles

I sleep late (really late), then spend hours on my phone getting blog posts ready for publication and ordering enough food to get to Canada. Being home feels strange. Was the trail just a dream? I hope not. I’m going to hike out tomorrow morning from Donner Summit. Greg is going to join me for a few days. Based on the NOAA snow layer I viewed in Google Earth, the trail shouldn’t be snowy enough to significantly hinder northward progress. I’m sure we’ll run into snow drifts large and small, but nowhere should the slope be steep enough to pose serious danger. In 5-8 days, depending on trail conditions, I’ll return to our house and spend a few zeroes organizing the resupply boxes that will get me to Canada. My journey is far from over. 

**A word about my blog posts: I write the posts daily and upload them when I have reception, usually when I’m in town. (Big mile days mean I no longer have the luxury of stopping and uploading if I suddenly get reception on a ridgetop.) I often upload a week’s worth of posts at the same time; however, I schedule them to go live at the rate of one or two per day, which probably gives the illusion that I’m actively posting every day. In reality, days or weeks go by before I get a cell signal. I love reading your comments. If I don’t respond, it’s because I’m offline. Blog posts are still showing up because I scheduled them days ago. 

Please don’t panic if my blog goes silent. It just means I haven’t had reception for awhile. This is likely to become more common as I move farther north. I carry a locator beacon, and my family knows where I am at all times. If I have an emergency, I can contact them (or Search and Rescue) via satellite. 

Thank you all for your patience and your support! 


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