Days 43 and 44: Tehachapi zeroes

0 miles

Dad and Pete arrive mid-morning. I spend most of the day attempting to organize my resupply and sorting through spare items that I may or may not want at Walker Pass or Kennedy Meadows. I’ve decided to take two zeroes. Tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest day of the week. I won’t mind skipping that. Also, giving my blisters another day to heal will make the next section more pleasant. 

How I spend the first morning.

Dad won’t be hiking out of Tehachapi with me. He and Pete are going to drive me to the trailhead in two days, and then they’ll head to Kennedy Meadows to test Dad’s foot. If it’s hikeable, he’ll hike with me from Walker Pass to Kennedy Meadows. 

Joy is organizing for a family reunion, and even though we’re welcome to stay, we decide to simplify her life and migrate to JD and Liz’s for tonight. At JD’s, we hang out in the salt water swimming pool. JD and Liz serve us a delicious dinner of barbecued chicken. 

I sleep late (6am!). We go out for breakfast at Henry’s Diner, where I devour hash-browns and an omelet stuffed with spinach and avocado. Next, we drive an hour or so down to the valley to pick up Dad’s car from my friend Dave’s house. After a quick visit, we drive back to Tehachapi. I reorganize my food and gear. Then it’s already 9pm, and I have to wake up at 3am tomorrow to hit the trail before the heat becomes overwhelming. Two zeroes aren’t quite enough. There’s always too much to do. 


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