Day 31: Second zero

0 miles

Other hikers have already reserved our little cabin for tonight, so we walk to the hardware store to consult their list of lodgings and find another place to stay. While we’re sitting by the hiker box, another hiker arrives. He takes one look at me and says, “Are you Eowyn?” His name is Smokebeard, and he recognized me from the photos on my blog. I’ve never been recognized before. For a moment, I feel like a minor celebrity. 

I can’t immediately reach any of the trail angels on the hardware store’s list, but Holistic Health Day Spa has two private rooms available. Novel, aka Momma Bear, picks us up and we spend the next few hours lounging on her front porch with our feet soaking in Epsom salts. Not a bad way to spend a zero day. 

The foot bath gets a thumbs up from Jukebox.
In the afternoon, we get a ride back into town and eat late lunch/early dinner at Grizzly Cafe. I thought I was going to order a burger and fries, but I end up getting a chicken-bacon salad with a side of housemade potato chips. Yum. 

Afterward, I purchase a roll of athletic tape at the hardware store. Taping my foot to provide additional support may help relieve the pain. I watched a “how to tape for plantar fasciitis” instructional video on Youtube this morning. I’m going to give it a try. 

Outside, we run into Smokebeard again and hang out in the shade for awhile chatting about trail life. Unfortunately, Smokebeard is having even worse foot trouble than I am. The trail has been hard on everyone. 

Dad and I hitch our way back to our lodgings. I relax in my room. Part of me wants to socialize and meet other hikers downstairs, but another part of me wants to savor this quiet, private space. 

Home for tonight.

We’re going back to the trail tomorrow. I’ve learned a few stretches and massages that may help my feet, and I’ll be trying out the new taping technique. If the pain gets worse, I’ll have to reevaluate my strategy. For now, I’m hopeful that I can manage the situation. 


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