Day 27: Cutting it all

0 miles

I sleep till 7:00. Then, I eat a huge breakfast of eggs and hashbrowns followed by the rest of my coconut milk ice cream. Then, because I’m still hungry, I start in on my peanut butter and chocolate chips. After that, I finally feel full. 

With my foot in ice water, I edit my upcoming blog posts and schedule their publication. (I write my blog entries at the end of each day and schedule them to post once I have reception.)

I fantasize about chopping off my long hair. I’ve fantasized about this since before I started the hike, but I haven’t yet had the nerve to go through with it. Today, getting rid of all of this hair seems like a really good idea. 

I consider the pros: 1) No more brushing. 2) No more braiding. 3) No more loose strands in my face. 4) I can rinse my hair in a creek, or in a sink. 5) I can put on my sunglasses without a struggle. 6) Lighter weight! 7) Not as hot! 

I consider the cons: 1) I might regret it. Last time I chopped off my hair – in 2004 – I didn’t like it and immediately started growing it back. I love my long hair.

But…I decide to cut it off. My cousin has dog clippers. We can give them a try. First, Dad cuts off my braid using kitchen shears. Next, I cut off some of the longer chunks. 

Hmm. It doesn’t look that bad. I hesitate to buzz it all off, so Dad does what he can to even it out using the kitchen shears. It’s really not that bad. For hiker hair, it’s fine. If I decide I want it shorter, I can have the rest buzzed off in Wrightwood in a few days. 

Not bad for a kitchen-shear cut.

Martha drives us back to Cajon Pass. Thank you for everything, Aunt Martha! We check in to the hotel and spend the rest of the day relaxing and fidgeting with our packs. Tomorrow we’ll climb into the heat loaded with more water than we’ve ever carried before. It’s a long, dry climb to Wrightwood. Our feet will probably need another zero once we arrive. That’s just fine with me. 


9 thoughts on “Day 27: Cutting it all

  1. OMG…you did cut it all off. I don’t know how I missed this blog. I know that is huge for us gals to cut off our hair!! But, it will grow back and yes, it will be easier on you with this trek! We miss you Kelly :->


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