Day 22: Zero in Big Bear

0 miles hiked

We eat at Teddy Bear again for breakfast, then return to the hostel and organize a box of random items to send home. We take the bus across town to check off the errands on our list. First we send our box away. Next we visit the pharmacy. Last we stop at a grocery store, where Dad treats me to a pint of coconut milk ice cream. We ride the bus back to the hostel. 

Coconut milk ice cream!

After wandering around the Village we decide to try lunch at a Himalayan restaurant. I order one of the only items on the menu that can be prepared without garlic: sautéd spinach over rice, lightly spiced. It’s delicious. (I’m allergic to garlic.) I also savor what might be the best lemonade of my life: lemon juice blended with lime and ginger. Amazing. 

I spend the day relaxing and not doing much of anything except eating. Tomorrow we’ll be back on the trail with five-and-a-half days worth of heavy food in our packs. 


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