Day 13: Zero day

0 miles hiked

There’s a lot to do on a zero day. We take Scarecrow’s car to visit my cousins Josh and Toni and pick up the gear we jettisoned in their vehicle at Scissors Crossing. My uncle will bring these things to us farther down the trail.  

We visit REI to pick up a few items. We eat lunch and get a few more items from a pharmacy. Then it’s back to my uncle’s house, and it’s already 4pm and I’m desperately sleepy. My attempt at a nap leaves me only slightly refreshed. I need sleep but my mind is on the trail and my heart longs to be back out there. I’m not asleep and not entirely awake. The whole day has felt like that. 

Dad barbecues steak for dinner and whips up sides of kale and mashed potatoes with cauliflower. Fresh food is a treat. 

We discuss our strategy for the upcoming Mountain Fire trail closure. If the miles before the closure didn’t take us up onto a mountain, into trees, I would favor road-walking from Paradise Valley Cafe. However, I’m not going to miss a climb to 7,000 feet (crazy as that may sound). Where the PCT closes, we’ll take Forbes Ranch Trail back down to Highway 74, then walk up to Idyllwild. With a reasonable start time tomorrow morning, we think we can be in Idyllwild in two days. 


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