One recipe, endless possibilities

If you’re following the autoimmune paleo protocol (AIP), the paleo diet, or a gluten-free diet and you crave the flavor and texture of traditional baked goods – prepare to be amazed. Recently, in my constant search for new and creative AIP-friendly recipes, I came upon a real gem by Alaena Haber of Grazed and Enthused. With her Rosemary and Prosciutto Hot Pocket recipe Alaena has created the perfect AIP dough. It’s easy to make (the hardest part is waiting for it to cool enough to put in your mouth), it’s delicious, and it’s very versatile. The hot pocket dough/crust can be filled to suit any whim. Savory or sweet, the possibilities are endless!

Please visit Alaena’s website for the original hot pocket recipe, and continue reading below for additional preparation ideas.

Rosemary and prosciutto hot pockets, with basil for added flavor.

The original recipe is mind-blowingly good, but AIP-friendly prosciutto is not cheap. For a less expensive but still delicious alternative try replacing the prosciutto with sliced roasted turkey.

Turkey hot pockets made with AIP-friendly roasted turkey slices.

One night, while enjoying a turkey hot pocket, it occurred to me that the dough could be used for an AIP sweet pastry. The next night I made the dough again and this time filled it with frozen blueberries, coconut sugar, coconut cream, and vanilla. The finished product? Blueberry bliss!

Blueberry and vanilla-cream AIP “pastry.”
Simple preparation: sprinkle coconut sugar on the dough. Cover with blueberries. Mix coconut cream with alcohol-free vanilla and sprinkle the vanilla cream on top of the blueberries. For more flavor, add a little vanilla to the dough.

A few days ago the idea of using the dough for an AIP bear claw popped into my mind. I gave it a try last night. Bear claw filling: about 1/2 cup of coconut cream blended with about 2 tsp vanilla, 3 tbl maple syrup, and a dash of cinnamon. (Sorry, but I did not measure the ingredients – I simply added everything together until I got the taste I was looking for.) I crumbled the vanilla-maple cream onto the dough, then sprinkled a little cinnamon over the top. After rolling up the dough I cut a few “claws” into each end. This combination made a fun, sweet treat. And, unlike some other versions of this recipe, the bear claw is just as good cold!

Experimental bear claw pastry with vanilla-maple cream filling.

Up next: a beef and vegetable variation sounds intriguing, as does a cherry version. Hopefully this post will inspire you to experiment with your own creations. Thank you, Alaena, for such a great recipe!


2 thoughts on “One recipe, endless possibilities

  1. This looks like something I really need. Wish you could share the recipe with us . I really miss my bread and this looks like a good solution.


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