Sweet Potato “Oatmeal” (AIP)

IMG_8199Here it is: my favorite AIP backpacking recipe! The first version of this recipe was a happy accident: I made too much sweet potato “rice” for sushi, so I dehydrated the extra and decided to take it backpacking. I mixed the dehydrated sweet potato with shredded coconut and a small handful of dehydrated blueberries and brought it on my next trip hoping it would make an interesting snack. To prepare the cereal I simply dumped it into my titanium mug and let it soak in water for about 10 minutes before eating. It was absolutely delicious and the texture was phenomenal. Now this cereal accompanies me on every backpacking trip – one serving for every day on the trail!


  • 1 large Japanese sweet potato (white flesh)
  • 1/2 cup finely shredded coconut (more or less as desired)


  • Fruit of choice (blueberries, strawberries, and apples work well). For backpacking, use dehydrated or freeze-dried fruit.
  • Cinnamon to taste
  • Vanilla to taste (use powdered vanilla for backpacking)
  • If you like a sweet cereal, add coconut sugar to taste


1) Peel the sweet potato and chop into large pieces.

2) Place sweet potato pieces in a food processor and process until small, rice-sized grains are formed.

3) Cook the sweet potato on the stove-top until the “grains” are soft. I saute the sweet potato in a little bit of water to prevent sticking.

Sweet potato processed to grain-like consistency.

Option 1: add spices and/or fruit to the sweet potato and mix well. Serve immediately, or store in the refrigerator. Full disclosure: I have never prepared the cereal using this method. I always dehydrate it and then rehydrate when backpacking, but the end result should be the same.

Backpacking option: Transfer the cooked sweet potato to a mesh bag and place in the dehydrator. Dehydrate at 150 degrees until sweet potato is completely dry and crunchy (usually overnight). Be sure to check on the sweet potato every 30 minutes for the first 1-2 hours to prevent the sweet potato grains from becoming glued to the mesh bag.

Place dehydrated sweet potato in a ziplock bag, along with shredded coconut and other additives, such as spices or dried fruit. This recipe will make 2-3 servings of cereal.

I have made blueberry, strawberry, and apple-cinnamon versions of the cereal and each is delicious!

Sweet potato “oatmeal” with dehydrated strawberries.

Preparation in camp

Simply soak or simmer the cereal until it reaches the desired consistency. It does not take long for this cereal to soften. Once softened, the consistency is very similar to oatmeal.

Strawberry cereal ready to eat!

One thought on “Sweet Potato “Oatmeal” (AIP)

  1. Love this!!! Thank you for sharing all of your recipes. You have made it possible for me to go backpacking again! How much water do you add to rehydrate the “oatmeal”?


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